Six Strategies for Keeping Your In-Town Move Affordable

Moving can be a major hassle, even if you are doing it in town. When you don’t have a lot of money to spend, you need to find ways of keeping your move affordable without making yourself miserable. Let’s look at six strategies that will let you move without breaking the bank.

1. Find Free Boxes

Paying for moving boxes can get quite expensive, especially for something you are going to use for a day or two. You can find free boxes from multiple sources. Here are a few to get you started:

  • Grocery store
  • Liquor store
  • Craig’s List
  • Family and friends who recently moved
  • Recycle


2. Declutter Your Belongings

Why move what you no longer use, need, or want? It is a waste of your time, money, and space. Moving is the perfect time to declutter everything you own. Go through everything you own. Get rid of those items that you have no use for, have no need for, or have no desire to keep. Donate them, sell them, trash them. The less you have to move, the lower your moving costs will be.

Another quick tip. Measure the furniture you plan to move to make sure it will fit in your new place. If it doesn’t, donate or sell the oversized pieces.

3. Use Towels Instead of Bubble Wrap

Bubble wrap and packing peanuts can get expensive. The better option is to use the thing you have on hand instead. For example, wrap plates in towels. You can use dish towels, bath towels, linens, and even pieces of clothing to wrap the fragile items you need to move.

The only downside is that you may have to do a few loads of laundry when you unpack.

4. Track Your Expenses

You can easily lose track of just how much you are spending for your move. Buying packing supplies can add up quickly. Track your expenses from the start of the move, so you know if you are getting out of your planned budget. The best part? You may be able to claim many of those expenses on your taxes next year.


5. Move During the Off-Season

May through September is the prime moving months in most of the U.S. If possible, plan your move outside those months. You will likely get lower estimates from movers who want to keep busy during their slow season. Of course, this may not be possible given your particular circumstances, but it is something to keep in mind for your next move.

6. Get In-Person Estimates from Movers

If a mover gives you a rough estimate over the phone without seeing what you need to move, find another moving company. Reputable movers will want to see what you have to move before providing you with an estimate.

Read the estimate carefully and look for any hidden fees or charges that you could encounter. A reputable mover will be upfront with all pricing and be willing to answer any questions you might have.

These six strategies will help you keep your in-town moving costs down. Do you have any other strategies you use?

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